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The RMC Band - Reunion 15 - 16 March 2003      La Musique du CMR - Réunion 15 - 16 mars

Audio Clips

De/from Alan Burke
(photo courtesy of Kal Kuronen,
audio with thanks to Brian Reid)

These audio clips were recorded at the Sunday afternoon concert. They are not concert hall quality; they were taken on a handheld recorder, there's background noise and chatter, and they're monaural only. However, I hope they'll bring back memories for you. If you want better quality, there are two CDs available for purchase, probably from the RMC Club or Cadet Canteen. With apologies to the Brass and Reed band, the Stage Band and the Choir, all but one of these clips features the Pipes and Drums; my tape wasn't long enough to record the entire concert.

Type Title(s) Format(s)
Opening O Canada  

42nd Highlanders
The Soldier's Return

Brass and Reed Band Marche des parachutistes belges  
Brass and Reed Band Voices of the Thronateeska  
Brass and Reed Band The Sounds of the Tijuana Brass
Brass and Reed Band Hockey Night in Canada  
Brass and Reed Band Overture for Band Op. 24  
RMC Stage Band Various  
RMC Choir / Ensemble vocal Various  
Medley Barren Rocks of Aden
Mairi's Wedding
Dance Scotch on the Rocks
Sailor's Hornpipe
Dance Home to the Kyles
Captain Horne
Baile in d'a Loch
Braes of Tullymet
Rose Amang the Heather
Drum Salute 42nd and Broadway MP3
Pipe Solo OCdt P. Boucher MP3 (TBD)
Medley Road to the Isles
Scottish Soldier
When the Battle's O'er
Medley Caber Feidh
Jimmy Findlater
Medley Scotland the Brave
Meeting of the Waters
John Peel
Men of Harlech
Wearin' of the Green
Black Bear
We're No' Awa' tae 'bide Awa
March Vanier
Drum Salute Welcome 1st Special Service Force (MWO Doug Craft)
Medley Wings
Rowan Tree
Medley Atholl Highlanders
Bonnie Dundee
Medley Hielan' Laddie
Black Bear
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